I'm Laura, founder and CEO of Laura's Deli. In May 2015, I opened my own restaurant in Dusseldorf. A lifelong dream but one with a clear concept and goal. From my own experience I know how difficult it is to integrate a healthy and balanced diet in everyday life. 

My past career was in the fashion business and I was controlled by the work, always on the laptop and phone. Short, hectic lunch breaks, busy weekends teamed with unbalanced nutrition and routines. I was fatigued with a distinct lack of energy. Not only did this lead to a desire for change, but also to combine it with a conscious and realistic lifestyle.

Finally, the philosophy that is LAURA'S DELI was born.

 It was about 3 years ago that I decided to re-evaluate my diet. Wheat, Gluten, Processed sugar and dairy milk were largely removed, as I took on a more contemporary and healthy approach to eating. After years of suffering from symptoms that I did not understand nor could manage, this new lifestyle enabled me within a short time to feel fitter and above all, happier.

I was eager to fill the gap in the market for this gastronomic style. There was nowhere near my workplace or home that offered the pure and modern kitchen I had become used to and I knew that others craved this offer too. While it has long been available and successful in cities like New York, London or Paris, it was almost impossible to drink even a green juice in German cosmopolitan cities such as Berlin or Hamburg. 

I quit my job in the fashion industry, traveled to the USA to do research and fell head over heels in the city of New York and the breathtaking variety of resturants, delis and cafes with the concept I admired. I quickly followed my trip with gaining experience for a few months in London working in a Raw Food Restaurant. Full of inspiration and enthusiasm, I decided to put Germany on the map and start my own interpretation in LAURA'S DELI.
Everything I do in Laura's Deli is based on passion. Passion for food, passion for natural ingredients and a passion for nutritional balance. The menu is made with high quality ingredients and is designed to be modern, exciting and full of flavour.

My aim is make my guests healthier, happier and maybe a little encouraged .... And you might, for at least a brief moment, feel as though you are in New York with us.

I look forward to welcoming you to my Deli.

H E A L T H Y - H A P P Y - A L W A Y S